HUBS: Jewish Information Dissemination Network

University of Washington

SEATTLE, WA — The secret of Jewish success lies solely in their ability to collude.  If people with Down’s syndrome organized and colluded, they too could rule over any non-colluded populace… it’s just that powerful.  Granted, the Jews are far from mentally feeble, making their collusion all the more potent.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, “prominent Jews” are all colluded and connected in sharing information disseminated through a simple, yet vast Jewish network of information distribution.

Dixon said elite Jews are all linked in sharing information through use of individual group member “HUBS,” each HUB of which, has its own uniquely chosen colluded social group membership, where relationships between its group members are allowed to be publicly known… a circle of friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, the obvious people in one’s life.

Dixon said each of these individual social group memberships, collectively called “HUBS,” are interconnected to other HUBS, each with its own uniquely chosen social group membership as well, of which Dixon tells me are exclusively Jewish.

Dixon said each and every one of these separate and distinct individual HUBS may only communicate with other HUBS by using a single “publicly legitimate” known individual personal connection between two different individual members, from each given HUB wanting to communicate… so not more than one person per HUB may ever come in contact, communicate, or be seen publicly together as friends, co-workers or acquaintances with another person from a different HUB, as means to hide these collusions.

Dixon said these HUBS all employ this same method of communication in using one single individual person from each given HUB to inform another single individual from another given HUB, and so on, and so on, from HUB to HUB, until all are aware of the issue and can weigh in respectively and do their part.

Dixon said this elite Jewish “HUBS” method of communication conceals the fact that the elite Jews are all colluded in sharing the same knowledge with each other – through this international super highway information dissemination network – permitting them to secretly communicate without a trace.

Dixon said these exclusively Jewish HUBS exist in all parts of the world, with hundreds of distinct HUBS located in the Seattle area alone, including its headquarters at the University of Washington Husky Union Building or HUB.

While attending the University of Washington in the late 80’s, I personally witnessed these elite Jews coming and going from the Husky Union Building, near the east entrance.  Specifically, I would witness these elite Jews come barreling out from a door within the building’s lounge I didn’t even know existed… they would come flying out as if they owned the whole world and everything in it.

Including the Asians they imported all surrounding me in blissful ignorance to this Jewish arrogance…an arrogance that if witnessed, would leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Can I get a witness?

Dixon said these covert elite Jewish HUBS are used exclusively to coordinate National and World “events,” as well as to target certain individuals elite Jews deem a threat to their controlling colluded network dynasty.


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