JP ‘Jack’ Morgan Jr. Murdered Billionaire Father JP Morgan

J. P. "Jack" Morgan, Jr. (Credit: Wikipedia)
J. P. “Jack” Morgan, Jr. Squeezing the Gun He Used to Kill His Billionaire Father J.P. Morgan (Credit: Wikipedia)

Family disputes cut across all income levels. Not even the Jewish elite are immune.

None is much more infamous than the elite family dispute between Jewish financial billionaire tycoon JP Morgan and his son JP “Jack” Morgan Jr.

As legend goes, Jack Morgan was keen on buying a lavish estate in England, where he had invited his father JP Morgan to meet him for a walk on the grounds to visually pitch his financial proposal for purchasing the real estate.

Jack thought his father would see the light of his vision for the property, and loan him the money needed to buy the estate. But instead, his father flipped out, telling him that he was going to be working in America and wouldn’t need such extravagant estate abroad.

Jack later confessed within tight circles (including photographer), that right after his billionaire father refused him the loan, he simply reached into his pocket, pulled out a revolver and shot his father dead on site for not seeing things his way.

A plot Jack hatched while still in America, upon thought of a second financial denial from his billionaire father to secure the land, and key reason why he insisted his father come on site to England and see the value of the investment for himself, firsthand.

Its rumored Jack’s motivation to shoot his own father may have been vested in the promise already made to his prominent English socialite girlfriend that the extravagant estate was just for her.

John Pierpont Morgan
John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan

The very interesting evidentiary aspect of this story, given to me by John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, is the fact that Jack Morgan was later photographed (above) wearing the very gun he used to kill his father.

In the photo, Jack can be seen squeezing the gun tucked in behind his suit jacket, while standing at the exact same spot he claims to have dropped his billionaire father.

Jack Morgan Jr. subsequently arraigned for his father’s dead corps to be transported to the Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy.  Where Jack personally carried his father’s body up to the hotel room in a suitcase, later claiming his father, JP Morgan, died in his sleep of natural health failure.

No autopsy was ever performed on the corpse, because at the time, Italy did not carry out autopsies, and specifically why, to avoid the obvious conclusion as to the cause of death, Jack had his father’s body transported to the nearest country outside of England that forewent ’cause of death’ scrutiny.

The rest is his-story.

Whoever said being rich is easy?

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  1. In internet is two of books: 1. Goes incruitment on Saturn (exposure pederast Jehovah).
    2. Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast and processed).Information of books concerns a family Morgan and Rockefeller. Very interestingly and tragically!!!

  2. J P Morgan’s father was killed in Monaco in a carriage “accident.” Interesting that this occurred just when he needed money to back Edison’s DC current and bid on the Niagara contract. Looks like murder runs in the family.

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