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There are different factions of Jews who control America. Trump’s NY Jews are outside of the Jewish neoconservative grouping. Trump’s Jews don’t always agree with, or know what the neocon Jews are planning.

Most of Trump’s Jews were unaware of the 911 plot carried out by neocon Jews.

Whereby, NY Jews who back Trump smell a rat on 9/11. This is why they have urged Trump, who is Aryan, to run in 2016.

Trump News

One cannot win the presidency without top Jews backing their campaign.

Trump’s Jews are the lesser of malevolent Jews. Therefore Trump, despite his rhetoric, is our best chance to slow the slaughter of humanity, which ultimately left unchecked, will include Trump and his NY Jews.

Fred Trump

Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a Swedish Masonic Aryan real estate developer with connections to the various Jewish Mafia’s of NY.

In 1968 Trump partnered with his father and began developing real estate throughout New York’s Five (Jewish) Boughs.

Below is a quote from the NY Times in 1983:

“Fifteen years ago, he joined his father’s business, an empire of middle-class apartment houses in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island then worth roughly $40 million. Today (1983), the Trump Organization controls assets worth about $1 billion.” – NY Times

Donald Trump today, in 2016, is worth 10 billion, invested all over the world including downtown New York.

Manhattan, 1966
Manhattan, 1966

His most visible asset is his fashionable Trump Tower in Manhattan, where it all started. Trump has significant financial investment in New York City and in the health of the US economy based on the vast wealth he holds in real estate assets throughout the country.

Gem-like Trump Tower
Gem-like Trump Tower

In an era of dumbed-down architecture prescribed upon the American psyche Trump’s Tower stands out as a real Gem of New York, providing evidence Trump has some control over his Jewish masters.

“The largest and most striking properties were developed by the younger Trump and are owned by him individually or with one non-family partner. While his father, Fred C. Trump, is the company chairman and oversees the original holdings, the Trump Organization is unquestionably a Donald Trump extravaganza.” – NY Times (1983)

Forbes values Trump’s stake at $12 million. In March 2010, the penthouse apartment at Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City sold was for $33 million. Trump Park Avenue Park Avenue & 59th Street: It is valued at $142 million. –  Wikipedia

Trump backed by NY Jew Ed Koch
Trump backed by NY Jew Ed Koch

In inner circles, Trump is most famously known for gaining credibility in one single big time real estate deal he negotiated in 1976.

1976 Trump Deal of the century

In the deal trump bought the Commodore Hotel from a Jewish friend of his father’s for 5 million with Hyatt Corporation and remodeled it. However at the time Trump bought the building it was potentially worth closer to 25 million.

 “What could have been a disaster, putting Trump in massive debts, was credited with overturning the deterioration of the Grand Central Area. On October 7, 1996, Hyatt Corporation purchased Trump’s half- share in the hotel for $142 million.” –

The Grand Hyatt Hotel
The Grand Hyatt Hotel

It was Pritzker family Jews close to Trump, particularly cofounder of Hyatt Jay Pritzker, who stepped in and saved Trump from these massive debts by allowing him to negotiate, otherwise ‘Trump’ would only be known mockingly today as a big-time real estate failure – Don’t get “Trumped” they’d mind you.

Trump being from New York means he works in professions saturated with Jews. It was Trump’s ability, like with his father, to bring different factions of the NY Jewish mafia together to get things done, particularly concrete, that allowed him to reach the level of success he currently enjoys.

Trump says he gets along with everybody. Including the Jewish mafia in New York who can’t even get along with themselves without Trump.

While my mother was on vacation in NY at Trump’s Tower on 5th Avenue she shook hands with him in the lobby of his building. He was out gong and friendly, she said.

‘The Apprentice’ certainly appears useful proving grounds for America to watch Trump’s leadership abilities in bringing people together to get things accomplished.


Trump and his NY Jews are heavily vested in New York and the American economy, unlike establishment neocon Jews who get their wealth by screwing us over at home with one way trade deals only they profit from.

Trump and his constituency need the US to prosper to be successful, the necons want to destroy America from within by moving assets overseas.

The question is can Trump stop them?


New York Nuclear False Flag

There are elite Jewish and Masonic Neocon plans in the works for New York to be hit by a Jewish eugenics pogrom to genocide the entire Aryan race under the cover of WWIII. Trump, who is Aryan, along with the various Jewish mafia’s of New York, is currently set to be false flag exterminated by elite Jews who run the show from the west coast in Seattle and San Francisco.

leon_kosNeocon Jews like Leon Kos (left), and Mason Neocons like my sources bloodline connection, John Bolton, who, to start, plan on annihilating New York City Jews with a nuclear false flag embedded within the NY Israeli embassy aimed in starting WWIII, whereby they plan on annihilating the entire Aryan race, including all Aryan/Jewish in-breeds.

The Neocons are the real enemies of America, and only an Aryan like Trump can stop them.

The 99-year lease that put neocon Jew Larry Silverstein in control of the Twin Towers was negotiated by Trump’s Jewish National political director Michael Glasssner. Glassner and the insurance companies were set-up in the deal by Silverstein and west coast neocon Jews as expendable dupes they could easily and legitimately profit from.

911: insiders’ Guide

“In interview for the media Silverstein said that he’s having breakfast and coffee every morning at “Windows on the World” in “World Trade Center”, but on September 11, 2001 he happened to have a dermatologist appointment in the morning.”


“Silverstein’s insurance plan happened to cover terrorist attacks “by chance”. When attacks really took place on 9/11, Silverstein filed a law suit against the insurance company wanting a double payment since there were two planes that crashed in the World Trade Center towers. The court acknowledged his claim therefore Silverstein was paid $4,550,000,000.”

Larry_Silverstein-doc“For the record, the high-vacancy, antiquated-infrastructure Twin Towers were a huge money-loser for the City of New York, which was under court order to do asbestos abatement. The price tag could have reached the double-digit billions – far more than the Towers were worth.” – Conspiracy Watch

911’s main plot however, was to take away our civil rights and ability to complain about the US going to war in the Middle East against Iraq. In a war aimed to kill all Aryan Shiite’s and destroy ancient artifacts that would expose the alien agenda of their true creation by the fallen angle Lucifer, and of their ‘nemesis’ Aryan creation in Sumeria by the Anunnaki alien creator ‘god’ Anu.

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

The two, are creations of different species as Jack Harper has further documented in the article below:

They Are Not Like Us – by Jack Harper

Aryan leader Saddam Hussein had to be removed from power in Iraq (ancient Sumeria) before he obtained nuclear weapons to protect his Aryan Shiite people and his countries treasure trove of ancient artifacts from being killed and looted by elite Neocon Jews and their Neanderthal Masons.


American Aryan solders were fooled into doing the killing of Shiite Aryans in Iraq, then themselves in suicide for the mirror effect of killing their own race, now forced to face. More solders have died from suicide than in the wars themselves.

The US backed Saudi’s led this Jewish and Neanderthal Wahhabi Sunni war against Aryan Shiites throughout the Middle East using ISIS. In fact, most of the countries mentioned for destruction by Wesley Clark were majority Aryan Shiite with a few lower class Jew controlled countries of Sudan and Somali.

Aryan Tehran, Iran
Aryan Tehran, Iran

Iran is the largest Aryan Shiite country by far in the Arab world. And Israel is very, very tiny.

“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5-years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Somali, Sudan, and finishing off Iran.”


The goal is to destroy the Aryan race throughout Europe and the Middle East by false flag nuking Israel and then calling Samson (nuclear retaliation) under belief Aryan’s are enslaved by their creator ‘god’ Anu (Zeus), and therefore must be sent to heaven.

Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

“Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu, or the Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

Aryan Creator God Anu, (Zeus, Yahweh)
Aryan Creator God Anu (Zeus, Yahweh)

This is the Luciferian Jewish Neanderthal rational used in attempting to destroy the Aryan Cro-Magnon race by genocide all around the world.

Now they are bringing it to the West with war hardened Wahhabi Sunni Jihadist strategically placed throughout Europe and America under a US funded Trojan Horse invasion ultimately to be unleashed upon Aryan populations – set in motion by false flag to specifically kill people like Trump, who is Aryan.

And he can sense it.


It is their grandmaster plan to destroy Anu’s Aryan race, in an act of defiance over his control, then become “gods” like their demigod Lucifer.

It breaks down racially as: Neocon Luciferian Neanderthal Jews and (Pharaoh) Masons against all Sumerian Cro-Magnon Aryans (‘whites’).

Trump has been warned of this, to some degree, and trusts his Jewish NY informers, who tell him; an Aryan genocide is being planned by elite Jews tied to larger factions of the elite Jewry and Mason they cannot control.


It was trusted to the point it prompted Trump to have his Aryan daughter Ivanka Trump marry Jew Jared Kushner, and his son Eric Trump to another Jew Lara Yunaska, yet Trump, who is done procreating, repeatedly prefers only Aryan women for himself.

They say Trump is not happy about this, but does not fully comprehend the level of extermination being planned for the Aryan race.

“I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. – Forward

Nor do his Jewish handlers in NY fully understand what west coast Neocon Jews are willing to pull off to become like Lucifer, at their expense of the Baal.

Lucifer (Baal)

This is why Trump is the most viable choice for president, theory believed or not, it is very clear that we are in strange times and face imminent destruction if something is not soon fixed.

Otherwise, underclass Jews in Israel will be false flag nuked, Samson will be called; New York, London (Europe) and the Middle East (from the origins of Baal) will all be retaliated upon using nukes.

Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Niece Facilitates Samson Option against Germany, Europe and Middle East


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