Eric Lindell Plots Conner Schierman Life-Sentence to Conceal Jewish Hate Crime

Currently, Conner Schierman sits on death row for murders he simply did not commit.

Eric Lindell
Eric Lindell

How do I know this?

Because the entire plot to set him up was preempted to me in 1998 (prior to the murders in 2006) by none other than John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry. This preempted information can be found in the full article linked under heading below:

Conner Schierman: Pasty Victim of Elaborate Jewish Murder Scheme 

The State, who is controlled by Jews, wants the Aryan genetic linage of Conner Schierman wiped from the planet forever (as attested to in the above article) and they sure and hell didn’t fluky around with taking it.

It appears the Aryan German Cro-Magnon genetics of Conner Schierman pose such a threat to elite Jews that they have deiced to take no enemy by calling in Seattle “Super Attorney’ and “Green River Killer” defender, Eric W Lindell, to act as Conner’s “defense attorney” for the upcoming murder appeal trial.

Eric Lindell, if you remember, acted as the defense attorney for “Green River Killer” Gary Ridgway.  Dixon said Eric Lindell will be arranged through Schierman family connections to defend Conner at his appeal after he has lost his first trial and is facing the death penalty for a second time.

If you remember the Green River Killings, then you will know that they, by far and away, were the most infamous killings in Washington state history.

Gary Ridgway was charged with seven murders linking him to seven dead prostitutes in King County, though no links where ever made to the other 41 victims at the time he was charged by KC prosecutor Norm Maleng.

However, according to Dixon, Gary Ridgeway wasn’t the one who murdered all the Green River victims. Dixon said Ridgway was actually what they call a “copycat killer” who murdered roughly only half a dozen or so of the 48 victims, while patronizing them as a “John.”

The rest Dixon said, were murdered by the State to eradicate prostitution under Jewish philosophy of suppressing sexual liberty as mind control over the masses.

Ridgway retained Masonic defense attorney Eric Lindell, who claimed the case against his client was largely circumstantial due to the fact it would be expected to find evidence linking him to prostitutes he patronized.

“On Friday it emerged that a plea bargain had been agreed, whereby the state of Washington would drop the death penalty in return for Ridgway’s co-operation and his 48 guilty pleas.” – BBC News 

Conner Schierman, who awoke from an alcohol induced blackout over four knife-slashed dead victims decided to burn down the house to destroy the bodies of evidence along with all other evidence not knowing he had been set up by Jews after he blacked out, is guilty only of arson and evidence destruction, and not the actual murders, per Dixon’s preemption to me in 1998, revealing the Jewish husband and Sayanim Jews as the real murderers of the four Aryan victims.

 Conner Schierman: Pasty Victim of Elaborate Jewish Murder Scheme 

Here we have similar set of circumstances, where the alleged killer didn’t commit all the crimes for which they were facing a potential death sentence.

And famed Seattle ‘Super Layer’ Eric Lindell is going spare his defendants life, but only if he confesses to crimes to which they did not commit.

Do you see the ominous parallels embedded in this catch-22 here?

Eric Lindell will simply convince Conner to take the plea to spare his life… and Conner will be caught in a position where he has to make a decision to confess to murders to which he has no memory of, or face the death penalty.

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